SEO has always been the main ingredient that has ensured success for small businesses and large franchises alike. It is the process that spans from researching ideal keywords, understanding user intent, crafting optimized, meaningful content, promoting that content to optimizing it for higher conversions.

Traditional SEO Process for Internet Marketers
SEOs do tend to go for Keyword Research and then rely on those keywords heavily to craft an article. From there on, the race begins to submit that article on a web page, creating links on a massive scale to propel it to the top of Google.

However, the procedure involves risks. Blindly optimizing for Search Engines can lead to uncalled for penalties, traffic risks and massive slides in income. Furthermore, the effects can be devastating and far-reaching. Sometimes experts take months to reinstate the website position. But no one can guarantee if the countermeasures will work or not.

What Makes Our Approach to SEO Unique?
Our SEO to-do list is a little something more than just going over some of the “Best Practices to Follow”. We’ve been in the game for at least 9 years. We know that SEO (both on the page and off the page) is an art as well as simple math.

Ddesk IT’s team is capable enough to know how much it means to have a Flawless On-Page SEO set up that benefits your readers the most. Our specialists are at hand when you need comprehensive On-Page Search Engine Optimization Planning and Implementation right from Keyword Selection to Complementing Content on Website. Below are few of our expertise

1. Finding Your Potential Customers
Most SEOs dive into Keyword Research right off the bat. But doing a Keyword research is futile unless you know who you are selling to. Ideally, you should find out your customers first. That is where Ddesk IT Limited comes in.

We do our very best to find out who the ideal people that you should be selling your products to. Ddesk IT analyzes the product type, the target people, their search terms, their devices for browsing the web, their age, gender, shopping habits, search intent and patterns, etc. By doing that, we sketch out who the potential customer would be.

2. Comprehensive Keyword Research
Yes, now comes the part where Ddesk IT team of experts research about what these buyers search for on the internet. Namely, these are keywords. We particularly search for keywords which are easier to rank for and have great searches per month or year. Then the job is easy as several low hanging opportunities present themselves and the content on these keywords become easier to rank on Google.

3. Competitor Research to Put you One Step Ahead
The Ddesk IT team knows that you are not alone in your virtual world. Other people are doing what you do. That’s why we scan out these people and find if they are worthy of being a competition to your business. If so, we analyze their techniques and formulate strategies so that you can beat them at their own game!

4. Designing the Content for Your Precious Brand
As Google’s head of SEO Mat Cutts says,

“The goal should really be to make a fantastic website that people love and tell their friends about and link to and want to experience.”

We at our organization, believe in the same principle. That is why we find the trigger keywords. The keywords with the buying intent are then formatted into engaging and fantastic articles through our Content Writing Services. The contents we put out to our client’s websites are fresh, data driven and well planned in every possible way.

Needless to say, we take in factors like Keyword density, LSI Keywords, Context, Keyword Proximity, Natural Coherence, etc. while writing each article, press release, and newsletter or blog post.

5. Taking the Right Approach to Technical On Page SEO
Identifying your customer base, finding “Golden Nuggets” in keywords, putting up a great content simply won’t do if you don’t balance it up with a website designed to send the positive vibe to Google. So, when we do website design at a basic level, our team takes care of Google friendly permalink structure, indexing parameters, robot.txt permissions, pinging frequencies, etc.

We use some of the prominent CMS platforms to design your website as they are helpful to rank your franchise higher in Google’s results for queries.

Basically, our On Page SEO service allows you to put together all the pieces of our web design, graphics development and content writing services into a single pot. From there on, we formulate strategies on how to pull all these aspects together and form a composite On Page Optimization Plan for your website.