For every franchise and small business, the website is a crucial part that decides user experience, outreach, maximum exposure and above all, profit. The website isn’t something that is all ready and done when you put up a candid design or useful content at the beginning.

Ddesk IT believes that a website needs to change according to the passing years, new demands, a new array of services and above all, user experiences. Getting your hands on “The Perfect Website” is a continuous process. For that, you need to be ready to make changes in design, software, CMS, coding elements to make your website step up to the challenge. That is where we come in.

Ddesk IT Guys Are Not Just Designers, They are Coders!

Yes, it is true that we at DevelopIT can deliver you a fast-running, fascinating website within few days only! All it takes is integrating Graphics, a suitable CMS, possibly some PSD to HTML conversions and we are done.

But a website that is destined to ride the tide needs to have more than that. And we understand. That is why we gathered up a team that specializes in “Coding” websites. We can develop your website by tweaking few details here and there to suit the branding ability and needs of your customized platforms.

Be it raw coding (solely PHP, HTML or even programming based website) or a simple CMS modification, our team can tackle any and all challenges you throw at us.

We are good with Theme Development Services

The website development and coding skills we have can be utilized in Theme Development Services as well. There are businesses which want customized themes for their businesses. A theme that would suit their purposes and bridge the user experience with subtlety modified interface is highly valuable to them. Ddesk IT team will be more than happy to take care of the job for you.

As our prized client, you can also rest easy by providing us your “Website Script Development Contracts”. All you have to do is lay down your instruction and goals. We’ll come up with a PHP/javascript/jquery driven script that will carry out the functions rather easily.

Also, we are well prepared to function as your off-shore “Theme Development Team”. With our array of expertise, you can develop newer themes and submit it to popular marketplaces such as Envato, Code Canyon, Theme Forest, etc.

Ddesk IT Offers Manual Debugging and Plugin Coding

CMS based websites are great! These sites provide you with all you need when it comes to accessibility and control. But at times, even the best CMS platform succumbs to bug attacks and malware. For those times, here at Ddesk IT Limited, we have a bug inspection service ready for your website. Our Technicians will do a manual code inspection of your website and clear out any threats.

As far as the plugins go, sometimes you need a little bit more than regular plugin while working with WordPress or Magneto. This is true especially for the E-commerce system when customer data varies and people need to pull out those data to create an ideal buyer persona. Ddesk IT does it easily with custom plugin design and integration. And it is much less costly than to redesign the CMS framework itself.

Get a Custom CMS Framework Tailored to Your Website

Have you ever felt that your website deserves more than a standard CMS? A regular CMS grants you authority over just a few aspects of your website. However, as your business grows, you’ll notice that a standard CMS fails to keep up with your website data.

Also, as your customers grow (especially in cases of E-commerce websites, you’ll have to consider UX designs of the software you integrate.

That is the time when you’ll need a custom built CMS suited to your business only. Ddesk IT Limited is at hand to provide you with just the type of CMS you need.

As you can see, our capable team of experts takes care of your necessities. If necessary, Ddesk IT Limited can work as your offshore outsourcing partner as well.